Painting oil on canvas

Mosaic: glass on wood

Prices for glass mosaic on wood: the abstract image
- from € 17000, figures and faces - from
 € 32000, the minimum size is 60x70 cm.

Mosaic Tile (glass, marble,
ceramic, enamel, etc. without cuting tiles) on any surface
- from  10000 €/m².



Painting on the wall 3D, illustrations

Prices for painting walls, ceilings, floors, decorative painting and other works are individual and determined by the complexity of the work, the surface on which will be produced illustrations, materials, technology and the extent of work. Paint net costs from € 700 m² (figure - a factor 2, the face - a factor 3, the ceiling - a factor 2) and decoration (textures, stone tiles, marble, brick, glass etc.) - to estimate.

At first we negotiated a project, concept and style. Then we prepare a quote.




If we have agreed on the subject, I start my work upon receipt of a deposit of 50% of the lumber, it takes three weeks of work for a portrait of 93x71 cm oil on canvas and 2 months for a work in mosaic. When work is finished you will receive a photo of it by mail, then you have to let me know if you're satisfied or you want to add some touch-ups. As you know I take orders over the Internet as long as your images are of high quality. Also, it is possible that I can move myself to you to execute a work of nature or to do necessary pictures.

Methods of Payment and Shipping

When you are completely satisfied with my work, you pay the balance of your order upon receipt it will be sent to your the artwork mounted on the chassis (with a frame or not as you wish) in special packaging strengthened. There are two delivery methods: COLISSIMO or CHRONOPOST. You can pay your order  by Pay Pall or a payment to my bank account.