Here I offer you the opportunity to purchase a custom-made art portrait in an exquisite style.

With more than 35 years of experience in painting, and 15 years in creating glass mosaics on wood, I work in a modern style, various works of which you can see on the site. You choose the style of execution of your order, which are presented here – classic and contemporary portraits. Most people prefer the contemporary art portrait because it matches the interior design. My collection of “Kings of France” is a contemporary style of artistic portraiture, which, nevertheless, retains the basis of the classic know-how, depth and volume bring characters to life in the paintings. These portraits depict kings in everyday life without crowns and pompous attributes.

The contemporary art portrait does not copy a photograph, but shows numerous layers of paint superimposed, as if they were thrown out at random. Yet the creation of a fine art portrait is a process strictly regulated by the harmony of colors, which should express the character and lively spirit of the character. So, the living spirit inherent in you is your artistic portrait. By choosing your style, colors, and technique, you become a producer of an art work. Your custom work will be sent to you in any city of the world by a fast carrier with insurance.